The Benefits of Joining Dono dal Cielo’s Wine Club

There are a number of different California wine clubs that people from all over the country can join, but few that are run by a first class estate vineyard like Dono dal Cielo. There are a number of benefits available exclusively to members of this club, both at the winery itself and in the form of discounts and pre-release buying opportunities. Membership in our exclusive club can give you a true vineyard experience even if you live far from California.  There are two membership levels for you to choose from to suit your needs and desires, and both levels afford the same basic benefits.

No matter which level of membership you choose, you are guaranteed a certain number of bottles of the finest Sierra Foothills Zinfandels or other pre-selected Dono dal Cielo wines. Standard membership will get you 3 bottles every quarter of hand-selected club wines, while membership at the Dono-Addicted level will give you 6 bottles per quarter. We will ship your exclusive wine selections right to your home or have them ready for you to pick up at the winery if you choose. Even if you don’t live close by, there are a number of membership benefits available to all!

A key benefit of joining the Dono dal Cielo wine club is the exclusive club discount available to any member. This discount applies to any wine purchase – not just our award-winning Zinfandel. California has a wonderful reputation of growing some of the finest wines in the country and now you can order online with your discount, which even includes cases of wine!  Not only will you enjoy special discounts, but members are given access to exclusive club promotions and pre-release tasting and buying opportunities. No matter where you are in the country, you can enjoy the benefits of being part of this club.

Dono dal Cielo nurtures and produces some of the best CA Zinfandels, and would like to welcome Wine Club members to visit the winery and enjoy the family experience and personal connection to your vineyard. Personal tours are given by the owner, and Wine Club members will have the winery tasting fee waved during their visit. We also host a number of events throughout the year exclusively for our Wine Club members and we invite everyone to come by and spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying a glass of wine with our family. We even have exclusive barrel-tasting opportunities just for members of our Wine Club.

CA Zinfandel is our passion and we strive “to bring our passion to the bottle and the bottle to your table.” Get a taste of what a real estate vineyard can produce and a personalized experienced second to none with Dono dal Cielo wines. We make the finest of wines with care and craftsmanship put into every bottle. Find the best Dono dal Cielo wines by ordering through our order page today!