The Influence of Terroir on California Zinfandel Wine

For those who aren’t immersed in the world of wine and winemaking, the term terroir may be extremely foreign. The word itself is borrowed from the French language and is used to describe the certain “something” given to a wine by the natural elements of the land and environment in which it is grown. There are a few things that factor into the terroir of a particular wine and when you shop wines of the same grape from a particular region, you are, in essence, shopping for the terroir of that regional wine. The concept of regional influence on the flavor of wine goes back to ancient times.

When it comes to Sierra Foothills wines, the concept of terroir comes into play as well. The natural elements that make up the climate, soil type, topography and even the other plants growing around the vines can influence the taste of the wine produced in this region. Many proponents of terroir consider the climate of a whole region or even an individual row of vines to have an effect on the flavor of the wine produced. Soil composition is also said to have an impact and the topography of the area is supposed to have an effect on how the climate interacts with the growing area.

Zinfandel wines can also be affected by elements of terroir that are under the control of the people growing and nurturing the grape vines. These elements include anything that the growers do regarding the vine and winemaking process. Since some varieties of grape grow better in certain climates, even the choice of which grape to plant can be said to be an element of the terroir of a wine. Other elements of human control could be the choice of yeast and the material from which the wine caskets are manufactured. The use of oak as a material is said by some in the industry to bring out the terroir characteristic of the wine.

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